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We're on a search to find the feeling for which we all die

Two lost hearts and one caught in the middle

1 February 1986
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My name is Shelly, I like um music, fashion, and going to shows.

I'm always online, so IM me xoceanblue08. If I actually answer, you're lucky.

I go to Lawrence Tech, I might graduate with a degree in Interior Architecture... one day.

I work at the campus bookstore and am a member of Delta Tau Sigma.

My journal is friends only. I never really update it anymore. If you want to be friends comment, or send me an IM. Sometimes It takes me forever to check and see if someone wants to be added.

the get up kids are love
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User Number: 1211155
Date Created:1-9-04
Number of Posts: too many

This lovely vegetarian spends her days going to class, working at Old Navy, selling AVON, and doing too much homework. She loves dancing around to crazy dance/pop punk when no one is watching.
Strengths: Superior Fashion Sense, Quick Wit, Amazing Vocabulary
Weaknesses: Drama Queen Tendancies, Falls/gets hurt easily
Special Skills: Ass Kickin' Evil Eyes
Weapons: Ninja power, xSexy Pants Crewx
Can't Live With Out: Jack-a-roo, Suzie MF Cantin, Sarah(smelly), Tiff (AUDREY!), Alyse (Emo kid), Kim (edgexcore)